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Asymmetric returns: why select a fixed income total return approach

Candriam Bonds Total Return Fund

Candrium's goal is, ultimately, to offer an offer asymmetric return profile, allowing investors to participate in bond market upturns, but offering strong downside protection in downturns. It aims to provide returns in excess of cash, while over the longer term, it believes the strategy should be able to provide returns above a global aggregate benchmark with less volatility. It also aims to achieve an average ESG profile that is significantly better than that of the markets it invests in.

Senior portfolio manager

Jamie has been a senior portfolio manager and an integral part of the team running Candriam Bonds Total Return since 2018. Prior to that, he was a portfolio manager within Aberdeen’s solutions division where he was the lead manager for c£3.5bn of assets and responsible for the tactical asset allocation for a c£16bn book of business for one of the firm’s key clients.

Navigating the storm: unveiling a resilient global macro fixed income strategy in an era of volatile markets and global uncertainties

FP Carmignac Global Bond

Abdelak Adjriou, portfolio manager, will discuss how a completely non-benchmarked, active, flexible global macro fixed income fund, is crucial to navigate across cycles and how the current environment can create investing opportunities. The strategy benefits from a multitude of alpha sources across all bond sub-sectors, including interest rates, credit and currency strategies in both developed and emerging markets.


Fund manager

Abdelak joined Carmignac in 2021. He began his career in 2001 as a developer at IBM in Silicon Valley. He then joined HSBC AM in 2005, where he was a quantitative analyst and global bond fund manager in Paris from 2005 to 2013, then a EM fixed income fund manager in New York from 2013 to 2016. He then joined American Century Investment in London as global macro manager.

A strategic bond fund offering the best attributes of the corporate, high yield and strategic bond sectors

Close Sustainable Select Fixed Income Fund

The strategic bond sector is designed to offer investors a range of bond funds with compelling returns through the cycle. In reality, very few funds are able to consistently outperform during up and down markets. Close Brothers believes that a nimble, ‘deep’ research-driven approach to bond selection can generate a strong income and a fund for all market environments.

Head of fixed income
Close Brothers Asset Management

Andrew joined Close Brothers AM in 2016. He is the co-manager of the Sustainable Select Fixed Income Fund and chair of the fixed income committee. He started his career in 2008 and has always worked in fixed income as an analyst or portfolio manager. Before joining Close Brothers, he spent four years at Vanguard AM where he was part of the team managing a range of fixed income funds. He has also worked at Phoenix Group, Moody’s and Barclays Capital.

Staying ahead of the curve by embracing a go-anywhere strategy

Strategic Income Fund

There is good reason for fixed income investors to be positive in 2024: inflation globally has started to fall after remaining stubbornly high for most of last year; the rate-hiking cycle looks to have done its job; and the focus has rightly shifted to the timing of first cuts. In addition, yields across fixed income are high. However, in environments like this, when much can change quickly and central bank decisions are coming thick and fast, the need for a ‘go anywhere’ bond strategy that spans government bonds, investment grade, high yield and emerging markets, as well as more specialist sectors such as subordinated financials and asset-backed securities, becomes even more imperative.

Portfolio manager
TwentyFour Asset Management

Charlene joined TwentyFour AM in 2018 in a portfolio management capacity within the firm's Multi-Sector Bond (MSB) team. She is also a key member of the firm’s ESG committee, which is responsible for developing and implementing TwentyFour’s ESG and stewardship processes. Before joining, she spent 6 years working on the sell side at Citigroup and RBS, focusing on credit sales.