Pentawards Conference:

The Power of Design

Olympia London
11 - 12 September 2019

Event Highlight

Alongside with the 13th Gala Ceremony, Pentawards also celebrated its collaboration with Packaging Innovations London, by designing a world’s leading conference programme - the Power of Design.

The Pentawards brings together a hand-picked selection of winners, rocks stars from international brands and design agencies, including Microsoft, Fortnum & Mason, Mars Wrigley, Design Bridge, Smith & Village and Stranger & Stranger, to explore the theme and share their valuable insights with the audience. 


Who's speaking?

Brand Union Stockholm


Jonas Andersson

Identity Works

COO & Strategic Director

Marie Rudolphie

Brand Union Stockholm


Linus Ostberg

Pond Design

Senior Graphic Designer

Martin Ask

Kronan Apotek

CMO/Marketing Director

Emelie Priijs

Pond Design

CEO & Senior Client Director

Anna-Karin Trydegård

Mars Wrigley

EMEA Head of Design

Richard Walzer

Mikael Selin Design Studio


Mikael Selin


Head of Strategy & CEO

Ulf Berlin & André Hindersson

Win Win Design

Creative Director CEO

Renne Angeluvo


Designing a Pharmacy Brand for a Healthier Life

Ten years after the deregulation, the Swedish pharmacy market is highly competitive but not very differentiated. Many brands fight to be the most trustworthy and most consumer oriented alternative. In this setting, how do you create a distinct brand consumer actually like and wants to be loyal to? Emelie Friis at Kronans Apotek early on recognized the value in investing in branding and design, using the private table offering as a brand-unique asset. In the same way, a new brand identity was developed together with IW and implemented across 328 pharmacies. Listen to the challenges and thoughts behind the work from Emelie and Marie. It will be a happy-pill!

Presented by

Identity Works / Marie Rudolphie / COO & Strategic Director

Kronan Apotek / Emelie Friis / CMO/Marketing Director

Distinctive Brand Codes

A brand is more than just a logo stamped on a pack, a commercial mark as proof of quality, but rather a brand is made up all multiple elements that together hold deeper significance. In order to build distinctive brand experiences, it’s imperative that you understand the brand’s distinctive codes.

Presented by

Mars Wrigley / Richard Walzer / EMEA Head of Design

*Followed by a 30 mins Q&A session - 12:00 - 12:30

Coming soon

Presented by

Mikael Selin Design Studio AB / Mikael Selin / Founder

Is packaging the new TVC?

The change in our communication landscape will have fundamental change on how brands tell their story’s, from the packaging to Tiktok. For design agency, this means a major shift where packaging and its assets are the central core of the brand story, the scene for ideas, stories, possibilities of and the most vital piece of the brand communication.

Presented by

Brand Union / Jonas Andersson & Linus Ostberg/ CEO & COO

*Followed by a 30 mins Q&A session - 15:00 - 15:30 

Day 2 - 3 October 2019

Design effect in a transformative world

Presented by

Silver / André Hindersson / CEO & Co-founder

Silver / Ulf Berlin / Head of Strategy & Co-founder

The Finnish LONG DRINK Legend of 1952

Strategic thinking on branding and packaging design, this session includes a short introduction to Finnish design fundaments and a view of today’s Finnish packaging design. It will focus on a case created for the American market “The Finnish LONG DRINK Legend of 1952“ Mini size brand with a bold vision.”

Presented by

WinWin Design / Renne Angeluvo / Creative Director CEO

*Followed by a 30 mins Q&A session - 12:00-12:30

Five Creative Mindsets to Avoid Bland Design!

We all know great and powerful design when we see it. Powerful design evokes emotions – you feel happy, strong, curious, inspired... Powerful design creates movement – a reaction and action. But let’s be honest. Powerful design - or meaningful design as we would like to call it - is not as frequent as we want it to be. How come? Is it because of lack of time? Or energy? No clear purpose or creative height? Organizational challenges or budget restrictions? In this session, we’ll share five creative mindsets for meaningful design, which jobs to be done and how to do it.

Presented by

Pond Design / Anna-Karin Trydegård / CEO & Senior Client Director

Pond Design / Martin Ask / Senior Graphic Designer

Coming Soon...

Presented by

Drama Queen Communications / Mårten Knutsson / Chief Creative Officer, Partner

*Followed by a 30 mins Q&A - 15:00 - 15:30

Practical Information

2 - 3 October 2019

Opening time:

2 October 2019: 09:00 - 17:00

3 October 2019: 09:00 - 16:00



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164 40 Kista


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