Please find below some frequently asked questions surrounding the format of the event. If there are any additional questions that you have, please feel free to contact our head of industry relationships, Samantha Harris, at samantha.harris@markallengroup.com.

Yes. We work very closely with you to ensure your experience is as relevant as possible. We ask you to stay for all the presentations in order to generate the most value for all attendees

Yes, Portfolio Adviser will make all presentations available to attendees on the event website.

No – Portfolio Adviser events are complimentary to attend.

No. Portfolio Adviser does not issue tickets for the forum, but selects attendees specifically. Fund selectors interested in joining the event are welcome to contact us for consideration.

The events Portfolio Adviser organises are all designed to give professional fund investors the latest insight into different asset classes. Relevant titles include:

  • Fund selectors
  • Wealth managers
  • CIOs
  • CEOs
  • Researchers
  • Fund analysts
  • Portfolio managers